Stripe – NetSuite Integration: Why Should You Do it?

We’ve already talked multiple times about the benefits of integrating NetSuite with other platforms you might use for your NetSuite eCommerce business. Today we’ll discuss a new integration we’ve been working on and think firmly it will make your life easier: our Stripe-NetSuite integration. Here’s what you need to know about it.

First things first: what is Stripe?

Stripe is a software-as-a-service financial platform that provides a wide range of functions. Businesses can use it to manage their online payments and transactions. It supports more than 135 currencies and payment methods worldwide. 

Stripe gives the customer more options than those that are native to SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA). It ensures less cart abandonment, more sales, and a better overall customer experience. Some of its key functionalities are payment processing, fraud detection, and prevention, as well as customizable checkout and payment pages. It supports credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and even bank transfers.

The Stripe-NetSuite Integration

Our NetSuite-Stripe integration will integrate your SuiteCommerce Advanced store to Stripe as an external payment gateway to unlock new payment methods. 

It’s perfect for all SCA merchants looking to expand their payment method options. Moreover, it’s applicable for B2C and B2B merchants alike, from all industry verticals.

All you need to get started is an SCA website, SuiteCommerce Extensions (Aconcagua or newer versions), and an active Stripe Account.

Summing up, we are very confident that Tavano Team’s Stripe-NetSuite integration will benefit your eCommerce business: Stripe works with major companies like Amazon, Shopify, Notion, Peloton, and Figma, and has proved to increase Postmate’s annual revenue by 70M. Any doubts left?

About Tavano Team

We are a NetSuite eCommerce agency with +10 years of experience delivering growth results and the best eCommerce solutions through unparalleled platform expertise, powerful eCommerce tools, connectivity to popular industry solutions, and an eCommerce growth mindset in everything we do.

We’ve been doing multiple integrations for years now, and we can ensure we’ve seen amazing results.

Check out some of our work to see what we can do.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact our SuiteCommerce developers and ask about our NetSuite integrations to get started on your eCommerce optimization journey!

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