• Convert prices to customers' local currencies

    Allow visitors to view converted prices and check out in their local currencies. Your store will gain trust and relevance in all countries you sell, increase international traffic.

  • Instantly translate store content in a few minutes

    Auto translate store in minutes at high quality with unlimited words & pageviews. Support Shopify Markets, RTL languages (Arabic/Hebrew), create a localized buying experience proven to increase conversion and cross-border sales

  • Offer country and language recommendations

    Recommend the best country and language for visitors based on their browser preferences and location. These recommendations show up on your online store as a popup, and fit seamlessly with your brand.


Who can use Convery app?

Convercy is available to all Shopify merchants globally

I am not good at technical. Is there any difficulty when setting up the app?

You can not find any other apps having simpler onboarding process than us. Just add currency which you want to localize your store into, and bump! Your store prices are fully translated without issue.

Is there any limitation regarding number of currencies and/or languages I can use?

No, we support 100+ local currencies & languages, and you can add any languages as much as you want.

How about Pricing?

It is totally Free to try, and you can't find any other apps with better price than us.

  • Designer Plants (UK)

    This app offers a great user experience and a high level of personalization, matching perfectly with my store's aesthetics. It has enhanced the way my customers from different countries shop, resulting in more revenue and happier customers.

  • Your Grow Depot (Australia)

    Convercy has transformed my e-store with its impeccable currency conversion and multi-currency display features. It has simplified international transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction. The intuitive interface and accurate exchange rate data provide a smooth and trustworthy shopping experience for my customers.

  • The Herb Depot (USA)

    The installation process was simple and the instructions were clear to make it fully compatible with my store. It functions flawlessly on the website and meets the needs of my international customers perfectly! I have nothing but praise for it :)

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