Shopify Broadens its Horizons With POS Go

Companies like Shopify thrive off constant innovation. Staying on top of trends, news, and facts is the only way to please the audience.

As a result of detailed research and analysis, Shopify discovered that “in the first half of 2022, sales made by merchants using Shopify’s point-of-sale grew nearly 60%”. This shows an increase in brick-and-mortar and in-person sales, which had decreased since the pandemic. 

This is why they launched their latest POS device. “POS Go” allows Shopify merchants to close their sales whenever, wherever. It also gives them instant access to detailed product information, customer notes, and purchase history.

How does Shopify POS Go work?

Once you have your Shopify store running, you can order the POS without needing a separate tablet or card reader for a fraction of the cost of other external setups — Shopify charges a one-time fee of $399 for POS Go.

Once you have the device in your hand, you log into your Shopify account on the device, and you’re done!

The benefits

All in one: connect the POS device to your Shopify account. Manage products, staff, payments, customer information, analytics, and more from it.

Custom POS software: customize your POS setup on the Shopify POS app to fit your needs better.

Close the sale anywhere: as long as you have Wi-Fi access, you can scan the barcode and read cards without any trouble, ensuring a smooth process for both you and your customer. Never miss the chance to make a sale! 

Secure payments: tap, swipe, or chip the client’s card, and that’s it. POS Go accepts all payment types: debit, credit, and mobile wallet.

All in all, we can see Shopify’s diversifying its products for both online and physical stores, and we love it. eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores should be completely connected for a commercial business to run smoothly. This solution is leading that path.

“The best way that we can help physical retailers is by giving them context, by giving them information so that they can meet their buyers on their level when they walk in,” explained Arpan Podduturi, vice president of product for retail at Shopify, to Modern Retail. “We’re trying to build a product that makes buying in person incredible,” he added. “The more that we can do to layer on tools and functionality that meet buyer expectations, the more people will buy locally and support their communities.”

Learn more about the product here and contact our Shopify-NetSuite experts to give Shopify a try. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our Shopify NetSuite integration too while you’re at it.

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