The Best SEO Tips for Your SuiteCommerce Website

We’ve helped NetSuite online merchants with their SEO working directly with them or with their SEO consultant. Either way, it’s smart to get a SuiteCommerce expert team involved. Here are a few good reasons why:

1. Single Page Application (SSP)

Understanding single page application model is key for an SEO consultant working on a SCA website, because it’s the model used by SCA. Since search engines typically ignore JavaScripts, it’s key to set up SCA’s SEO Page Generator correctly.

2. SEO page generator

SEO Page Generator it’s also used for debugging your website and making sure that configurations made for search engines are happening – for example if the correct number of web pages are available to search engines.

3. Faceted Search navigation

For SCA, understanding the impact of faceted search navigation on your website SEO is vital as well as knowing how to avoid risks by setting up robots.txt. , URL canonicalization and correct setup of indexed URLs.

4. Know your way around

Working on adjusting page titles, meta data,  images and URLs is always part of improving SEO. This optimization needs to take place within SuiteCommerce, hence it’s best if whoever is in charge knows the platform well.

5. Sitemap?

It’s not always a good idea to implement the SCA Sitemap Generator – it’s important to understand the tool and evaluate when and how it makes sense to use it.

6. Tracking codes

Implementing tracking codes can seem the easiest task of all, but if new to the platform, it has proven that validation and troubleshooting requires trial & error and lots of experience in NetSuite websites. Our team has gone through this process before, we’ve literally been there and done that.

7. Site Builder or SCA?

Finally, depending on the NetSuite technology you are using, it’s important to understand the differences between Site Builder vs SCA and how to approach both SEO strategies.

With the above, you know where I’m coming from when I say: go and get a SuiteCommerce expert to help. It’s not only the best tip I can give, but it’s also the most honest recommendation based on our experience.

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