Shopify Planet: Saving the World, One Sale at a Time

A new app was recently launched by Shopify and has caught our attention: we’re talking about the Shopify Planet app. 

What does it do? It allows merchants to “provide carbon-neutral shipping orders and fund technologies actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.” Basically, businesses pay a small fee on each order to remove estimated shipping emissions. 

This might seem like an extra cost. But consider this: 44% of consumers choose to buy from sustainable, environmentally committed brands. Using the Planet app will probably bring you lots of new customers who want to give their two cents to fight climate change — without giving up their shopping habits!

Plus, a brand’s commitment to sustainability can increase customer loyalty by 306%.

These numbers speak for themselves: it’s about time we catch up with our customers — and our planet’s — demands.

How does Shopify Planet really work?

“The Planet app automatically calculates your monthly carbon removal cost—through either nature-based or high-tech-based solutions—based on the subscription you selected after installation.

The cost per order is low — between 3.5¢ and 15¢ — and goes toward purchasing carbon removal credits to ensure that all orders for the month are truly carbon neutral.” 

On the app’s dashboard, you’ll be able to access information like the number of carbon-neutral deliveries, carbon removed, deliveries over time, and more. You’ll be also able to share this information with potential customers. This way they can see how your company is contributing to the cause.

Sustainable Partners

This app was approved by the Shopify Sustainability fund. The fund backs the development of technologies that remove carbon from the atmosphere and spends millions every year to develop this type of project. 

These are some of the companies that that fund is helping through, among other projects, this app: 

Grassroots Carbon. How? “It connects companies looking to purchase carbon removal credits with certified landowners who are able to sell nature-based soil carbon storage.”

Running Tide. How? Building technology that restores and accelerates natural processes in the ocean, helping to leverage the world’s largest carbon sink.”

Remora. How? Remora’s compact, mobile technology captures at least 80% of a semi truck’s carbon emission directly from the tailpipe, which is then sold to end-users who can store it for the long term.”

Read the whole story on Shopify Planet App, and contact our experts to find out if Shopify is the right platform for your business! Don’t hesitate to ask us about our Shopify NetSuite integration too while you’re at it.

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