5 Tips for a Successful eCommerce Website Redesign — Without Losing Your Mind

It's never a bad time to revamp your website! Use these tips for redesigning your site without going crazy. Here's how you do it.

A successful website redesign shouldn’t have to be a pain. It’s a big task, sure, but there are very simple ways to keep your website fresh and to bring it up to date. And you know what? It’s never a bad time to revamp your website. If you’re looking to turn your NetSuite eCommerce website into something you are proud to show off, something bolder or even more subtle, now is the time.

Web design matters. Your site is the heart and soul of your online presence. It’s the beat to what your online store’s drum follows. Your customers want to be engaged and delighted with it. They want to see the best of you in it. Did you know 94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design? This means your website is your presentation card, and it has a lasting impact on how customers perceive your business. You can’t let them down! 

Five Tips for a Website Redesign:

Shake things up, but gradually!

Chances are, if you think your website is looking a little tired, so do your browsers. There’s no time like the present to switch up your design and share it with the virtual world. Taking on this big task could be quite daunting and even discouraging, which is why incremental changes could benefit you most. Introducing small, gradual changes throughout your website could be more appealing to the masses instead of significant drastic changes all at one time.

Test it out

Maybe you aren’t sure which way to head in your redesign. That’s where A/B testing comes into play. This technique can be used to compare two different design styles and see which one converts more browsers. Whatever type is more popular wins!

Functionality is a must…

A redesign is definitely in order if you are thinking about adding new functions to your website, such as forums, blogs, eCommerce, or other significant features. Introducing these new features can intrigue browsers to stay on the site longer and return for a second look to the forum on which they once participated. Having several aspects of functionality within your site is vital for staying competitive among other sites in your field. 

Here’s where User Experience comes in. Investing in your UX will lead you to a $100 return for every $1 you spend. 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor UX! Building an organized navigation menu, adding visual and video features, and ensuring your site loads quickly will make your site more user-friendly. Thus, it will encourage users to return to it. Fun fact: it seems that people hate to wait so much that, according to WebFX, slow loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion revenue loss each year

And don’t forget to make it secure – and mobile-friendly

But don’t lose track of your design.

Like I mentioned earlier, your first impression is critical to keeping your audience engaged in your site and getting them to come back – and shop! Making a positive impact in your site design means building a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing website for the eye. People want to see gorgeous sites that catch their eye and provide visual stimulation. Creating a visually appealing, high-quality, well-designed website that reflects your brand is a must. Remember – 75% of website credibility comes from the design! 

Stay up-to-date

The digital world is constantly changing. This means your site needs to keep up with trends with web technology as much as possible. With your redesign, keep in mind your demographic and take advantage of the latest technology that those tech-savvy users expect in a site.

Having a strategy for your website redesign plan is vital for its success, so the first step is to start planning now. Don’t wait for a perfect moment as you will lose the opportunity. Creating an impactful eCommerce website is just what you need to do in 2021.

These tips for a website redesign will help whether you’re making UX adjustments or if you’re going for a full-out website redesign. For help with the redesign of your NetSuite eCommerce website, drop us a line and let our eCommerce growth strategy experts help you achieve your goals.

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