How Your Klaviyo-NetSuite Integration Can Get You More Sales

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Subject: Did you know Klaviyo email marketing is the top eCommerce email marketing platform on the market?

Message: Don’t worry — if you don’t know anything about Klaviyo, or a Klaviyo-NetSuite integration yet, today, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you all you need to know in less than you can say KLAVIYO. Let’s start!

Know your tool

Klaviyo is a growth email marketing platform that assists you in delivering more personalized experiences across various marketing channels, such as email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web, to name a few. 

The value of using Klaviyo as an email platform is clear: With a staggering 6.9 billion consumer profiles and a notable revenue of $321 million in just the first half of 2023, the statistics speak for themselves. Combining this platform with NetSuite ERP can almost ensure excellent results.

Studies have shown that businesses that are great at segmentation and personalizing their messages outsell their peers by 20%. And this is what Klaviyo Email Marketing will do for you! Its robust segmentation will generate better connections with your customers, which means more sales for your store. 

Large workflow catalog

Plus, it’s known for its cutting-edge data science, which allows you to deliver a unique experience for your audiences by sending marketing emails that do exactly what you need for it to do: attract more sales! By automatically generating predictions for lifetime value, optimal send time, personalized product recommendations, and more, they excel at making your business even more money.

Klaviyo’s email marketing automation features are top-notch — you can choose from a vast list of email workflows — like abandoned cart reminders, birthday wishes, or thank you messages – and get started with easy-to-use templates, which you can edit or add to different workflows depending on your customer’s behavior.

At your service, every day

The best part of Klaviyo? Its customer support. Their team is both experienced and friendly, and they’re on-hand at all times during business hours. You just need to log in to your Klaviyo account, find their in-app support, and that’s it! You’ll be able to get email support or live chat if you are a paid plan customer. Help at your fingertips!

Very easy to use

If there’s something that Klaviyo is in its essence, is EASY. From the very beginning, setting up an account is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Quite literally, because yes, there are just three steps to get started on Klaviyo. We’re not even kidding.

All of its functionalities are easy to use and understand. It’s user-friendly, and its modern format and interface make it effortless to get everything fast. With its real-time, accurate stats and excellent detailed reports of all the actions, you will be able to build practical email marketing plans in no time. 

This exactly is why it’s one of the most advanced marketing automation tools on the market — it generates an incredible wealth of data for you at every corner, which offers a whole host of possibilities… while being simple, straightforward, and trouble-free for you. We can’t imagine anything better. 

Integration? Easy! 

One of Klaviyo’s best features is its unchallenging integration. It’s by far one of the simplest out there, and it’s very sophisticated.

Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with A LOT of platforms, and the integrations run deep.

At Tavano Team we developed the most complete NetSuite-Klaviyo connector in the market, and it works on multiple levels. Whether you need to connect your NetSuite ERP only, or NetSuite ERP and your SuiteCommerce Advanced store, it will get it done. And fast. Find out more about our NetSuite-Klaviyo connector and schedule your demo!

You can do it yourself

You don’t need any programming skills — setting up your Klaviyo campaigns is no sweat. Its easy drag and drop blocks will help you build incredible-looking emails in just seconds, and its complete analytics reports are so clear, they’ll be easy-peasy to make sense of on your own. 

With just a few clicks, you will be able to understand how your emails perform — your open, bounce, click-through, and conversion rates, your received, unsubscribed and dropped emails, and much more. You’ll be able to see what your customers are doing in real-time – what they’re clicking on, what they’re reading, and where they’re coming from… literally as it’s happening! 

After your Klaviyo-NetSuite integration, you’ll be able to create your automation workflows with the Easy Visual Builder. Its UX is also uncomplicated to set up, as the entire platform is very visual and easy to navigate. Even a beginner could implement anything on Klaviyo and see results in their business! 

One tool for everything

Klaviyo has all of the tools you need for a flourishing email marketing AND SMS strategy. All in one place.

It reports your customer journey in detail, automates customer communications, and generates fundamental growth in handling all your email marketing strategy processes from start to finish. Klaviyo’s sales-boosting features will enable your brand to build unlimited high-value relationships with your clients.


Klaviyo’s features are amazing, yes, but let’s be real. You want to see results. And Klaviyo has the data to prove why they really are the best at what they do. Klaviyo’s top-performing clients in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry have seen a 300% increase in carts recovered, and top-performing clients in the Fashion and Apparel industry have experienced an increase of up to 400%. 

When it comes to companies using Klaviyo to optimize targeting and delivery, top-performing clients in the 1M-20M annual sales bracket have seen a 12-time increase in billing. And for those in the over 20M bracket, the increase has been a staggering 4200%!  

And we could go on, and on. But you get it. It’s time to take your email marketing efforts to a whole new level!

Wondering how to make the most of your Klaviyo-NetSuite integration? Schedule your free consultation with our Klaviyo experts today and begin your journey towards accelerated growth! Also, don’t hesitate to ask us about our many other NetSuite integrations.

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