Email Marketing Best Practices: Order Confirmation Emails

When we talk about email marketing best practices, we can’t forget about order confirmation emails. Did you know that 64% of consumers consider order confirmation emails the most important messages in their inboxes and that they have a 65% open rate, the highest average open rate of all emails?

Order confirmation emails should give enough information to the shopper giving peace of mind, building trust, and letting the shopper know that the order will be on its way shortly. Adding relevant offers complementing order information can help get attention on up-sells – and if you play your cards right, it will increase sales and also serve as a reminder for future purchases.

First, Build Trust

Several factors can impact the level of effectiveness of an order confirmation email. First, relevant products and order information must be included and easy to read. For example:

  • Order number
  • Order Status
  • Estimated delivery times
  • Product information
  • Pricing
  • Tracking number

Next, making sure contact information is included helps customers feel safe knowing that they know where to call or email with questions.

Delivering this email on time, much as a printed receipt would be delivered establishes professionalism and also promotes feelings of assurance.

If the above is covered, online sellers can now add complementary information of a marketing nature.

Recommended and Related Products

Recommending products based on what they bought can give customers ideas of purchases they might like to make in the future. While related products can sometimes be helpful, it is more advantageous to recommend complementary products that can add value to previously purchased products.

Coupon Codes and Free Products

In addition, coupons or discount codes can be offered to entice customers to return at another moment to make another purchase. These offers can inspire loyalty to a brand, especially if they are offered regularly. Giving customers special offers or perks is a great way to make them feel valued and respected. Companies can similarly offer a free product or special item if they do not wish to discount merchandise.

Be Friendly but Professional

Order confirmations are the first point of communication between customers and retailers after a purchase has been made. Companies must first inspire trust and loyalty by providing all information about the order in a timely, user-friendly, and thorough manner.

Once this trust is in place, adding additional information such as product recommendations and special offers has a great chance of converting into long-term customers and increasing sales in the future. The order confirmation email is a vital part of every transaction and should be considered a great way to sell more and thereby earn more profits in the long run.

Email is an amazing channel to connect with your customers, and you should take advantage of it. You can learn more about email marketing best practices through our Klaviyo email marketing guide for beginners, or by getting to know our email expert and his take on email here. Don’t hesitate to contact our Growth team today to start building a tailored, optimized email strategy to grow your NetSuite eCommerce business!

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