A Dream Collaboration Come True: Shopify and Klaviyo

It’s official. Klaviyo is now the go-to recommended email solution for Shopify Plus merchants!

Last week, these two massive platforms announced they joined forces to help businesses grow and maximize their potential. 

We’re talking about Klaviyo, an online marketing platform that stands out for its SMS and email marketing solutions, and Shopify, one of the biggest SaaS eCommerce platforms nowadays, chosen by almost a third of online merchants in the US to power their businesses.

What does this collaboration mean?

“The next era of eCommerce will be marked by a continued shift toward consumer privacy and the forming of strong digital relationships. Consumers now have an increased expectation of merchants to deliver smooth, customer-friendly experiences, and there is a continued proliferation of channels in which brands must deliver these experiences. This partnership builds on the combined vision of two powerful platforms to help founders and operators not just weather the new era — whatever it brings —but thrive within it.”, explained Klaviyo representatives.

However, this doesn’t mean anything will change for Klaviyo users who aren’t using Shopify. In fact, Klaviyo has announced that more partnerships will come soon. They also will launch a new channel for users to be updated and get informed on everything that’s happening at Klaviyo so they can get the most out of the platform. 

As a demonstration of the commitment and union between these platforms, Shopify has invested $100 million in Klaviyo. We can expect updates from both sides that will benefit users of both platforms, which, again, won’t mean any changes for current users of one of them.

“In the future, expect to see far more from our teams as we work together throughout our departments––marketing, development, and more––to bring retailers more data, more insights, more ownership, and more power to run their businesses. A lot is changing in the eCommerce industry, and we can’t wait to see how brands leverage Klaviyo and Shopify to build retail experiences for a new era.”, says Klaviyo’s release.

It’s no news that email marketing is an essential tool for all eCommerce businesses out there. It has immense potential to increase sales and customer loyalty. This is why 89% of marketers use email as their primary channel for generating leads, making it the most popular technology for customer engagement. Have you tried it yet?

We are partners with both Shopify and Klaviyo. Contact our experts to learn more about how these platforms can help you build and grow your business today, and to learn about our Klaviyo – NetSuite integration too.

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